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The internet is an ever-changing landscape of technologies and trends. Software updates, regulatory compliance, search ranking algorithms and user expectations of what a modern website should look and feel like are constantly in flux.

Our website management and SEO service is designed to keep your website running at peak performance while delivering new and relevant traffic ripe for your products and services.

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Key Elements

Our website management programs focus on 5 key elements of your website and digital presence to maintain the site's technical and design integrity and deliver a flawless user experience.

Site Health

Website health is the foundation for delivering a positive experience to both users and search engine crawlers. Monitoring and maintaining Site Health includes:

  • Performance: Site speed and responsiveness - crucial for user experience and SEO.
  • Security: Protection against threats and attacks. Compliance with standards for secure transfer of data.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensuring the site looks and functions well on mobile devices and all screen resolutions.
  • Technical Health: Proper functioning of links, scripts, and integrations. Compliance with web standards and best practices.

User Experience

A positive User Experience (U/X) is a primary driver of your website's overall effectiveness and its ability to convert visitors into customers. Monitoring and maintaining a good U/X includes:

  • Usability: Intuitive design and clear navigation that facilities easy interactions with site content.
  • Visual Design: Aesthetically pleasing and consistent design that aligns with the brand’s identity.
  • Content Quality: Engaging, relevant, and clear content that delivers to user objectives.
  • Performance: Fast load times and smooth interactions, that enable ease of use.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Design and navigation optimized for mobile devices to deliver a seamless experience across all screen sizes.
  • Accessibility: The site’s ability to be used by people with various disabilities and adherence to accessibility standards.

Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Optimization requires constant attention, evaluation and adjustments to be effective. Monitoring and maintaining your Search Engine Visibility includes:

  • Keyword Optimization: Using relevant keywords in content, titles, headings, meta tags and image alt tags to match search queries.
  • Technical SEO: Ensuring the site is technically sound with proper use of HTML tags, structured data, and a clean URL structure.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensuring the site is responsive and performs well on mobile devices.
  • Page Speed: Optimizing load times for better user experience.
  • Backlinks: Acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable sites to boost credibility and authority.
  • Crawler Friendliness: Utilize a properly formatted Robots.txt file and XML Sitemap to assist bots and crawlers.

Digital Reputation

Your Digital Reputation is the way in which your business is perceived online and includes more than just your website. Monitoring and maintaining your Digital Reputation includes:

  • Consistency of Identity: Consistent branding and business information across all digital channels reinforce a professional image.
  • Directory Listings: Presence in online directories and industry-specific websites funnels traffic and delivers valuable backlinks.
  • Online Reviews: Positive online reviews build trust and influence potential customers.
  • Social Media Presence: Active social media profiles enhance visibility and customer engagement.
  • Customer Service: Prompt and helpful responses to inquiries and complaints online improve public perception.
  • Search Engine Results: Positive and relevant search results contribute to business reputation and authority in the industry.

Reporting and Analytics

Proper setup of Website Reporting and Analytics systems delivers the information necessary to make informed decisions and identify strengths and weaknesses. Our Reporting and Analytics systems include:

  • Google Analytics: Collect and analyze your website traffic acquisition, behavior and engagement.
  • Google Search Console: Monitor Core Web Vitals and your website's search performance.
  • Google Tag Manager Events: Collect data on specific user interactions and behaviors.
  • SEMRush Site Health: Monitor your website's technical health and user experience.
  • SEMRush SERP Tracking: Monitor Search Engine Page Ranking (SERP) by keyphrase to quantitatively evaluate SEO performance.
  • SEMRush Directory Listings: Ensure consistency of business information and branding across online directories.
  • Lighthouse Page Speed: Monitor web page performance, accessibility, and adherence to technical and SEO best practices
Website Management Plans

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Choose Premium to include a dedicated account manager, full-service maintenance and a 30% discount on all design and development services. All plans are month-to-month and billed via credit/debit card or ACH.

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Domain, DNS & Web Hosting Management
Website Uptime Monitoring
Email Blacklist Monitoring
Wordpress Core & Plugin Updates
Site Health Report
Core Web Vitals Report
Google Analytics Report
Google Search Console Report
Google My Business Report
Monthly Site Status Report
Monthly SEO/Site Health RecommendationsAI AnalysisAI AnalysisHuman Analysis
SEO Position Tracking Report20 Keywords100 Keywords150 Keywords
Web Fonts + Icons
Wordpress Plugin Licenses
Sendgrid Email Form Delivery
Directory Listings Service
Custom Conversion Tracking + Reporting
Dedicated Account Manager
Account ReviewAnnualAnnualMonthly
SEO + Content Editing (Monthly)Up to 1 HourUp to 2 Hours
Design + Development Discount10% Off10% Off30% Off
Lead-time on Task Work (2-hours or less)2-5 Days2-5 Days1-2 Days
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