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We’re expert developers & marketers, and we’re here to help.

Our formula? Start with a genuine understanding of what it takes to run a small business. Add technical expertise and an extraordinary ability to communicate it. Be smart. Be responsive, Be honest. Build something great.

How We Work
Tell us your goals. Not for your website, but for your business. Then, strategy through execution, we'll build a program that leverages your web presence to achieve them.

Website & Marketing Audit

Most projects start with a comprehensive audit of your website and digital marketing activities. The purpose of the audit is to:

  1. Identify technical and strategic deficiencies in your current systems
  2. Establish a baseline for performance that can be used to quantify the effectiveness of future projects
  3. Deliver actionable recommendations that create quick wins and shape long-term strategies

Site Planning

Proper site planning, including a detailed sitemap, wireframe and content outline, is critical to delivering your website on-time and on-budget. In this process we'll design the site's architecture, establish deliverables for copywriting, and define the functional requirements of the site.


Based on approved sitemap, wireframes and copy, the design process is where your new website begins to take its form. You'll work with a graphic artist to assemble a look and feel that is on brand and connects with your audience. Layout, colors, fonts, imagery and iconography are finalized as the creative for each page is delivered for review.


With design and content approved, coding begins and includes 3 elements:

  1. Theme Development - Site Header, Footer, Navigation Menus and core CSS styles define the overall structure of the site
  2. Template Development - Individual page layouts are constructed and content implemented via the site's content management system (CMS)
  3. Functional Development - Functional components of the website, including account features and 3rd-party integrations are constructed

Site Launch

A successful website launch that minimizes downtime and disruption to your business activities requires careful planning and execution. Every aspect of the launch, including domain, DNS, web server, database, and email will be carefully managed to ensure a smooth transition. Special consideration will also be made to transition positive search engine performance from your old site to your new pages.

Marketing Implementation

Post launch, we''ll begin to leverage search, email and social media marketing to generate traffic. Using a combination of organic (SEO) and paid media (SEM/SMM) strategies, we'll drive qualified visitors to the site where they'll convert to contacts, leads and customers.

Reporting, Optimization & Maintenance

Monthly, quarterly or annual reviews are used to report on site performance, including traffic analytics, search engine rankings, paid advertising and user conversions. Opportunities for new content, functional development, performance & search optimizations are identified to promote growth and react to changes in the internet landscape.


Our preferred technology stack, platforms and applications.